This is my story. I tell it to you with love and openness in the hope that you will understand my journey and know that the work I do now is what I was always destined to do.

I am a natural sentient I work from the heart, holding you in a space of pure unconditional love. But it hasn’t always been this way….

I have always felt different. I have always been super sensitive which in my early years was difficult as I was always feeling other people’s emotions and reading their minds. This was often a hard and lonely place as most people in this world are closed and do not share their trust as they are scared of it. They are scared to reveal who they really are because of fear of rejection or that they may be hurt. So I could sense this fear and found that people would feel one thing but say another which was so confusing a complete denial of Love. It deeply hurt me and I found living here on earth hard and as the years went on people hurting each other, lying to each other, letting each other down and generally not living in truth, I felt myself shutting down. But it wasn’t just the people I met, it was the churches, the governments and many authority figures we were suppose to look up to, all lying to us, controlling us and restricting our energy.

By age 12, I was smoking and drinking alcohol to numb my pain. At 13, I was raped. The resulted in me having a very negative view on sex and felt that this was all men wanted from me. This also set up lots of dysfunctional beliefs for me around sex and these went on to cause me further abuse and even some situations where I was raped again.

I felt I didn’t have a voice and was just a slave. I had a strong sex drive (I was a sex goddess but didn’t know this yet) but I was judged for this and called a slut, a slag and much more. I was drowning in sexual shame with no-one to help me. Even my female friends (bless them) added to this judgment as they too were victims of society’s and religion’s rules on female disempowerment.

By 16 I was a bundle of self disgust and self hatred, purely because I was a sexual young woman wanting to experience joy, pleasure, intimacy and to make love. This is when I started taking drugs again to numb the pain as when I took them felt loved, held and accepted. I had a series of dysfunctional, controlling and abusive relationships as that was all I felt I deserved. This just created a downward spiral feeding the self hatred and taking me to some desperate places.

I had some terminations as I did not want violent men to be a father of my child but this again took me to awful depths of depression and more self hatred. The drinking got heavier, the drugs got stronger, until my habit had reached £240 a day. I was a slave to the devil, felt like the living dead and I hit my rock bottom.

At 25, I had my awakening. I cleaned up and started living. The next 11 years were an amazing but challenging healing journey as I had to find myself again.

I have now been an energy healer for 10 years and have studied many different healing techniques over those years. All that I have learned is now put into my sacred sexual healing tool kit, preparing me and making me strong for my work with the goddess energy. I have been practicing “sacred sexuality” for some time and always knew I had gifts in this area but didn’t know how to expand or grow.

In the last year, everything has come together for me and I have had many sacred sexual treatments myself to open me up and I have studied with sacred sexual healers from all over the world. Finally, I have found myself and now stay centred in a beautiful place of love, bliss, freedom, liberation and peace. It has been a journey from pure self hatred to pure self love one and one that is growing all the time as I continue to expand and work on myself.

I am here to now take others out of their pain and shame, to share this place of love with me, and to blow their minds to the sexual magic that is there to be discovered and awakened within.

All my love,



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