Many people who consider a sensual awakening session begin with a degree of apprehension. This is completely understandable. However, most fears tend to evaporate as the session progresses, once clients realise they are in complete control, their boundaries are respected and this is, in fact, a very safe space to be in.

Before your session

Before we begin your session I will:

  • Explain in detail my work practice and what a typical session might entail
  • Take a full and detailed personal history, in order to provide the most appropriate treatment possible
  • Bring the client etiquette to your attention and ensure you are comfortable with all aspects

During your session

My role as a sexual healer is to help my clients reconnect with their sexual power, heal emotional and physical wounds and promote my clients’ well-being.  Therefore during your session I will:

  • Respect your human rights and any differences in belief, culture, ethnicity and sexuality
  • Treat you with impartiality, love and compassion.
  • Respect your personal choices and right to be self-governing
  • Get your clear verbal consent before undertaking any physical work
  • At all times honour your personal boundaries
  • Respect your right to change your mind at any given moment

After your session

Very strict codes of confidentiality apply to me in my role as sexual healer. Therefore I will always:

  • Respect your confidentiality
  • Maintain integrity in our client-healer relationship
  • Honour the trust placed in me by, you, the client
  • Never divulge any aspect of your personal history, any details of your session, or discuss or write about any other aspect of our client / professional relationship, without your express written consent (for example, if you agree to give a testimonial or to be used anonymously in a case study)
  • If we meet socially, I will not publicly acknowledge that we have a client / practitioner relationship, unless I have your express permission to do so.

What I'm not:

  • A psychotherapist.
  • An escort. A prostitute. A sexual partner

Please note: Services of a sexual nature, e.g. sexual intercourse, oral sex or kissing are not offered.  Thankyou for respecting me and my boundaries.