How I work

Sessions usually begin with us doing a relaxing meditation together or we will spend time connecting with each other. Eye gazing, heart connection or various others, relevant to your needs will be used to help you release the concerns of the day, and ground into your body.

Each session is tailored to you personally, depending on your needs and may include;

  • Loving Touch Massage
  • Instruction in intimate touch and massage
  • Energetic Orgasm
  • Prolonging sexual pleasure techniques
  • Releasing fear or shame around sex
  • Affirmation of your masculinity/ femininity
  • Healing low self-confidence

Each Session may involve

  • Moving energy
  • Opening chakras through breathing and other meditations
  • Gentle loving holding
  • Full body including yoni/lingham massage
  • Shamanic healing
  • Energy healing
  • Toning into your body to clear blocks
  • Channelling orgasmic energy into you to clear blocks